Everyone can now send invitations! Please read the guidelines. And then send your invitations.


Hi, my name's John Reekie, and I'm creating this site as a place where people can chat about or show off what they're doing in their audio hobby - diy projects, system tuning, buying the "next big thing", talk about music, etc. To help keep the atmosphere friendly, registration is by invitation, so any current member can invite other people they know, who can then invite others they know, and so on. And of course, non-audio related chat is welcome as well.

Posting rules

I don't want this to be a site for pointless battles between "keyboard warriors." There are enough sites like that already. For this reason and to forestall possible issues, I've decided that it's best that some rules are put in place up-front. Here are this site's rules:

  1. If you wouldn't say it to the person if they were standing in front of you, don't post it. Also bear in mind that it's a lot easier to misunderstand someone's intent with online communication, so try to write and respond accordingly.
  2. This is a "family friendly" and "workplace friendly" site. No-one's going to complain about a little language, but please avoid posting images or using avatars of naked, semi-naked, or provocatively-posed (etc) women (or men), cartoon images depicting body parts, etc.
  3. Please do not bring your issues/arguments/soap opera here from other sites. If you have a problem you have to get off your chest with someone or something on some other website, do not post it here.
  4. Any form of insulting, abusive, threatening, defamatory or derogatory content, or shenanigans like registering multiple accounts, stealing passwords, lying about your identity, mis-using site features (e.g. invitations, tagging), persistent trolling, etc etc, will probably just result in your account being disabled and a notice put on it to say why.
  5. For-sale ads and any marketing or promotional material must be posted in Buy, Sell, Trade. Commercial entities are expected to contribute a proportion of any sale that results to support the site financially, as is only fair.

OK, enough rules?! Let's go and have some fun :)

Invitations and invitation etiquette

Entry to the site is by email invitation. This isn't intended to keep people out — it's the opposite! It's intended to help the site to grow. The idea is that any member can invite others that they know personally to participate with them here.

  1. You do not have to (and should not) ask permission or seek approval to invite someone. If you think they would be interested in the discussion here, please just invite them.
  2. Only send invitations to people that you know personally, and who you are confident will be interested in joining here. Note that the email invitation will contain your email address.
  3. Ideally, send a separate email message to the person you are inviting so they know it's you, instead of just getting a server-generated email out of the blue. If they reply saying that they don't want the invitation, please use the "Uninvite" button.
  4. While this site is primarily for Australians, please do invite people from other countries if a) you know them personally and b) you feel that they would contribute positively to the discussion.
  5. You are vouching for the good character and behavior of anyone that you invite.

Member support and ads

Please note that this site does costs time and money to provide. So I've put some Google ads on it, and may have to put others on in future. While your most valued contribution is your participation, there will be a support link to make a financial contribution for those that wish to do so. In particular, if you've sold something here, please consider a small cut for the site. You can also help by inviting others to the site.

Commercial activity and marketing

I welcome participation from anyone in the audio industry. Please be aware though that this is a community forum, so while you are welcome to discuss your products with others here, the focus in the general discussion areas should be primarily technical and not marketing. You are welcome to post for-sale ads in Buy, Sell, Trade section, but you should also plan to do the right thing and reutrn a small percentage of the sale to support the site.

Links to helpful help