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Computer news

Logitech MX Anywhere 2s is the best mouse I've ever used!

Seriously, it tracks on glass (i.e. my desk, no mouse pad needed), and has smooth scroll wheel action. Can be paired with three devices.

I got one on Sunday at Harvey Norman for $78 but it's gone back up to $98 now :-(

I had an MX Master a year or two ago and hated it. Massive ugly uncomfortable thing. So I held off on the MX Anywhere because of that. Shouldn't have. I have it paired to my Windows and Mac machines, so far so good.

The Logitech Touch Mouse is pretty bad, don't get one of those esp at AU prices. Only thing it has going for it is small size.


  • BTW I'm selling an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse now, on the off chance anyone is interested. Latest model, almost new...

  • Can it fly like my mouse does sometimes :D

  • Probably, it looks pretty aerodynamic

    Doesn't work well with Windows tho.

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