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Should I buy this RO90?

Selling near me, $450 or about half new price.

I don't know the first thing about sanders, except that I need one ...! (for those shelves I'm making amongst other things)


  • First test tomorrow

    Getting there

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    keep the pad flat and let the paper do the work .

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    Yep, I figured that out :) Bit slower to remove than I thought but then again I was probably watching too many RO150 videos [-X Took a while to get the surface flush on the ends where the angle is - i.e. where you can't use a router trim bit. But it worked :-b

    Waiting for nicer weather then I will put a couple of coats of organoil on it and call it done.

    I realized though that if I'm goint to stack them like that I will need to screw them together.... thinking time to buy a pocket hole kit.

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