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Three legged rack

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So I bought these cheap bamboo benchtops from Bunnos.

One is being turned into a subwoofer. (Partly cut)

Another I was just going to make into one big shelf for amps. (low to the floor). Then I decided why not make it more complicated:

Amp stand or rack

Still pretty simple though. (?)



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    I'm thinking this will work just as well and be more "elegant":

    Amp stand or rack v2

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    Cut sheet:

    Cut sheet v2

    So three shelves from one benchtop. Depth may end up just a little less than 500.

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    Instead of putting the bottom amp on the floor, maybe we need a short stand:

    Amp stand v2

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    Cut sheet (1 x short + 2 x tall):

    Combined cut sheet

  • Cool project B-) , I like the design

    Its not worth doing if its not compliated :D

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    A few more tweaks to the design... this should be pretty much it.

    I've changed the orientation of the "grain" - will be more obvious when photos.


    Amp shelf v5


    Amp stand v5

    Cut sheet for 1 x stand + 2 x shelf:

    Cut sheet v5

    The red and purple lines are edges that need to be cut at 10 degrees.

  • Sawdust yet ?

  • Stand (upside down obviously)

  • Not sure whether to round off edges or not - got a couple of splinters...

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    Test fit for shelf.

    I made the single-leg end a bit chunkier than on the drawings because I had a bit more material than I thought. However I'm not sure I like it. The idea was that the right end would "float" a bit. (If that makes any sense. I don't want it to look sturdy because it's not - no leg in the corner.)

    Amp shelf test - Copy

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    This stuff is "not exactly void-free." I think next step will be to break out the wood putty. Then I'll put a coat of finish on the exposed parts so as to not get glue on them... then glue-up.

    Does wood glue have an expiry date? I'm thinking it might be wise to buy a fresh bottle...

  • Let's try that photo again
    Not void free - Copy

  • To answer my own question: http://www.titebond.com/news_article/13-09-18/How_to_Store_Your_Wood_Glue_for_Longer_Life.aspx

    When Gopi moved in the film got kicked out of the freezer, I can just imagine how well putting wood glue in the fridge would go down.

  • Also I think I'll get a 1/16" router bit to take the edges off.

  • JohnR said:
    Also I think I'll get a 1/16" router bit to take the edges off.


  • There are elements of Bravo to this project...

    Then I thinks to myself

    "this could all end quite badly..."

    Time will tell.

    Ya gotta admire the boy for thinkin' outside the box (so to speak) :-b

  • And then there were three! :)

  • Hey look! Something happened

    Gluing starts

  • What a fancy glue pot :D

    Good to see someone getting something done B-)

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