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Power tool news

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Last year, Bosch renamed their 10.8V line to 12V - https://www.bosch-professional.com/gb/en/service/news/changeover-from-10.8v-to-12v/

The American market has had these tools labeled "12V" since the beginning. It's the difference between the "fully charged" voltage and the "normal" voltage. So those "20V" tools you will see some brands have - they are same as 18V.

Anyway I really like the 10.8 oops I mean 12V tools. Not all of them, just some of them. The little sabre saw is awesome, it's like a completely different tool to an 18V one.

They have been gradually coming out in brushless versions. Today I drove by Sydney Tools so went in to get a 10.8V (brushless) impact driver.

But Sydney Tools don't carry Bosch any more, just what's left in the store (!). I called Bosch and the person who answered seemed uncertain on when or if they were even going to bring in "12V" tools... ! :(

At the moment, it seems the only place to get them is from Amazon -> https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J4IDCMG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

Until the end of April there's USD20 discount so shipping is basically free.



  • Makita have dumped their 10.8V line and produced a new 12V line. The batteries are completely different. Look more like mini 18V batteries. Makita have gone all plasticky too.


    Completely incompatible to the 10.8V, too bad if you had any of those, batteries, chargers etc. (Unlike Bosch where the 10.8V and 12V are the same thing with a different name.)

  • Bosch have produced a cordless wet-dry vacuum. Here I am modeling it in my new kitchen that I built myself.

  • The latest generation of Bosch multitools uses a new attachment type called Starlock. Looks like the new blades can be used with "old" tools but I haven't figured out yet if you can still use the old type of blades with the new tools (not that I'm about to buy one).

    Doesn't look like it:

  • I'm listening :D

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    Then you'll be pleased to know that Bosch now make an angle grinder with Bluetooth! So you can connect it to your phone. :-/

    No I didn't get it either, but there's some stuff starting about 5:25 in this video, it looks mildly handy because you can configure things.

  • OK, now here's a tool I actually want: a 12V cordless trim router!

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    Speaking of cordless tools, Festools have come out with some cordless sanders. I still don't understand why they have like 20 different sanders, but now there's 3 more of them.


    (Don't get your hopes up - those are USA prices.)

    The really great thing about these is that... they have a completely different 18V battery! Wtf. So if you (like me) thought you might snag a "basic" kit and use it with your current batteries because that way it's not actually a totally crazy price, forget it loser.

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    Speaking of Festool, did I mention that my TSC 55 is the best freakin tool evah?! (Except maybe the Protool/Festool DRC/PDC18 drill, or the Bosch multitool.)

    I hardly ever bother to connect up a vac, just use the dust bag. And what a beautiful bag it is too.

    PS not my photo.

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    Speaking of the PDC/DRC18, I have a depth stop chuck I don't need any more because I just bought this neat little screwdriver.

    That's me installing stuff in my new mansion where I will entertain the stars. Thing is, the whole driver was the same price as the blasted Protool (or is it Fsstool) chuck :-O

  • Speaking of Makita, my wife gives the cordless leaf blower a big thumbs up. :-b But you need to get the technique right, call to book personal tuition only $300/hour ($1,000,000 for Mal).

    What the heck, another battery system?!!! Yeah I agree. But it replaces the Ozito which died (don't know if it was the charger or battery) and Ozito is crap in comparison anyway (so I'm told). But mostly because Bosch don't make a whipper-snipper.

    (One day I might get power tools for my burfday. Not holding my breath tho.)

  • JohnR said:
    Bosch have produced a cordless wet-dry vacuum.

    The runtime is 4 minutes per Ah. So my paltry 3Ah batteries will run for a whole 12 minutes from fully charged.

    In theory.

    Not going to buy one of those.

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    If its not powered by 2 stroke its not a blower

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    I used to have one of those (different brand).

    And a petrol mulcher. That was a beast.

  • Well isn't this cute:

    Kind of like a miniature chainsaw. Best review on amazon: "I don't really have any use for this, I just wanted it."

    Interestingly, it seems to take the same batteries as the blue 10.8 oops 12V tools... hm...

    PS this is the blade


  • There's a series of videos where someone puts a petrol motor into one :-b

  • Cordless garden tools must be big business! Check this thing out :-?

  • Amazing John ... is there a cordless soldering iron?

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    Milwaukee claim 40 minutes of runtime on a battery. Assuming that's a 3Ah battery and the average voltage is 10.8V, that's .... 4.5 amps or a bit under 50 Watts. In theory. Seems doable?

  • The company I work for ( at least for the near future) used to own Milwaukee and AEG power tools - we sold then to TTI (owner of Ryobi) about 10 years ago. They really were very well made tools, and they made several major (patented) improvements to the battery technology before we sold them.

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