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  • This is akin to the government belting a spectator because their team isnt performing on the field

    So many rude things I could say...

  • Or fining a soccer team because supporters misbehave.
    Or shooting the messenger.
    Or feeling a little stabby, and knifeing the 1st person you see.....

  • Oooh, I like "feeling a little stabby, and knifeing the 1st person you see....."

    I might try that one :-b

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    It's like punishing the son for the sins of the father! (Been watching too many mediavel Netflix series methinks...)

    Anyway, I'm stocking up on toobs.... I mean, you know, it's not like I can drive down the road and buy these things from the plentiful NOS stock at my local friendly vacuum tube vendor...

  • Try buying a 28 x 1 1/2" Westwood style bicycle rim at the local bike shop...

  • The gubvmint is anti-bicycle and anti-tube X-(

  • Car geometry - control arm /tie-rod mods to reduce bum steer.
    Son is more interested in the car and studying for the HSC. The car might help remove virginity, but won't help with career choice and financial security forever, or until he hits a tree.

  • hmm can't see the edit button for that last post. should be "more interested in the car than" not 'and'.

  • Exactly! Bum steering can be amusing on a bike though...

    Maybe Son is going to be a world famous racing car driver.

  • maybe... which one ? Ayrton ? Jack? Stirling? LOUDER !!?? Juan MoTime ?

    Have you finished those subs yet ?
    I have almost finished with my speaker rebuilding. Last night got a reasonable result using a 1st order LP filter on the woofer, But the effect of having woofer mounted below the ESL panel can be seen higher up. Trying to phase a point source with a planar is impossible, so you have to compromise and accept what is "best so far". That would be much harder if I didn't have the graphs to support what I think I'm hearing.
    Tonight I will play with 2nd orders and when I've got the best config, will ask for opinions between the 1st order and 2nd order.
    Also measured my sub and even on its' lowest XO pt (set on the plate amp) I think 100Hz might only be 6dB down, so I'm going to chuck caps across the driver terminals to reduce > 50Hz.
    Already I can see it's gunna be good, Johnny.
    First, throw my freshly machined front discs back on the car.

  • I have no idea who Johnny is, but I'm a bit worried about the cap chucking...

  • So... did you blow your amp up?

  • Did you not see the big brotherchucking explosion?

  • So... I haven't been paying attention, but it looks like there's a little over 5 weeks to go?


    Is this actually happening? X_X

  • There goes Nexfix

  • I got an email today from EBay saying their exorbitant fee is going up so they can pay GST. OK. But what about the supposed GST paid on all items purchased from O/S, whether personal or business seller, which eBay is supposed to levy?

    I don't think anybody knows what is going to happen. (I don't anyway)

  • They'll levee the seller presumably...and that'll only happen once!

  • It's all goin' to hell in a handbasket.

    I just broke an effing large window.

    $130 for the glass.

    I have to glaze it.

    It'll take me a day to clean out the window frame & insert the new glass.

    Effing wind! I just spent 2 days restoring a 100 year old window, and the effing wind blows it over! Even though I had it on a 10 degree angle.

    Jeez I hate politicians' output!

    I'm thinkin' of setting up a stall at the local market.

    $5 for a 5 minute argument on any topic.

    I may clean up. They're rather thick around these parts.

    Did I say I hate politicians' worth!!! ?

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    GeeEmm said:
    $5 for a 5 minute argument on any topic.

    I'd pay that.

    Is this the window with the [hush hush] big plans? [cough cough]

  • No, but one very like it...

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