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  • Roger's going to need a bigger screen!
  • It's now how big or small you's how much shit you carry. Don't think I've ever flown with Jetstar. Have however flown once (and once only and ever again) with Tiger. Very recently flew with Qantas and Air North. One 4 hour leg in a Boein…
  • As someone who already has a backpack collection due to my bushwalking days...I hath no need for a Crumpler. The boy has one (a Squid) as every kindy kid was given one by the Education Department when they started school...
    in EOFY specials Comment by Seano June 27
  • Can I spend your money?
    in EOFY specials Comment by Seano June 25
  • Hmmm...I not long ago acquired a set of these. Damn fine little screwdrivers.
  • Meanwhile, distributors and wholesalers continue to say nothing...
  • Excellent questions. To which I have no answers...yet.
    in Bathurst 2017 Comment by Seano June 8
  • MALfunction said: The Timber bells is cool ,but if I road on tracks like that my bones will be clanking louder :)) You don't have to ride on dirt tracks to get it jingling away. One of the bells is fitted to my commuter road bike. Every li…
  • MALfunction said: BIKE BELLS The wife said get a bike bell :-/ . Narrowed it down to 2 brands . KNOG SPURCY…
  • I read about this on the internet...
  • They'll levee the seller presumably...and that'll only happen once!
  • MALfunction said: Thanks to Seano my visa looking pretty sad :D Cheers So much fun spending other people's money!! Especially while trying to keep my own cycling fleet moving and having a couple of bu…
  • [crickets]
    in FS. Windows 10 Comment by Seano May 25
  • Damn...where does that leave my copy of 'Paint Your Wagon'? I did spin the Ladyhawke soundtrack again a couple of weeks back...
    in 42 years! Comment by Seano May 25
  • JohnR said: Mal, don't feel bad about it being ugly. It's not your fault. Remember that you can always customize it to your personal taste, here's a lovely example - I had a ride of one of those just the other day. It is merely a bicyc…
  • Derailleurs generally only derail when the cable adjustment goes nuts. Same thing can happen on internally geared hubs. Major advantage of a geared hub is that the mechanism is not hanging in the breeze and the sand and the mud. Disadvantage is we…
  • Another well equipped carbon framed bike...except this one has been hit with the ugly stick! I think you'd be better off with a more urban bike than a flat bar road bike personally. The latter are typically more aggressive (leaning forward) in the…
  • JohnR said: Now taking bets on how long it takes to work up to a new $3000 bike :D Not worth it. It'd be a full carbon (and deadly stiff) frame with 105 running gear (one step up) for more than double the coin. And still average wheels... H…
  • MUCH better spec wise. Tiagra is the sweet spot for road driveline. The hydraulic brakes are a nice step up too. You won't stress them but they can be a little fiddly in time as the rotors wear and warp. Easy to play with. The Ergon saddle and grips…
  • MALfunction said: Hi guys The Shaper 300 is a 2015 bike and the importer aren't bringing in or supporting Lapierre anymore . I could see it being a problem if the frame/forks fail . But would it matter regarding the running gear bea…