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House reno's

Finally started the house reno's ,first 2 job's en suite & electrical work . The electrical work almost finished ,just waiting for Powercor to come and hook up the new 3phase supply . A few more power points ,new lights and LED strip lighting replacing the T8's behind the pelmets . Old meter box and supply IMG_1940 IMG_1944



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    New 3 phase 001

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    En Suite

    Mals pic's 015

  • Brick before Brick Mals pic's 011 Mals pic's 012 Mals pic's 004

  • 19 T8's were behind pelmets around the house Switch board T8's

  • New 32A circuit for the stereo ITs the hole on the left ,waiting for the gpo plate the wire is 6mm . The TV circuits are separate ,the elec ran a few gpo's down the brick walls in each room .

    reno's 001 reno's 002

  • Who doesn't like a brick ensuite?



  • GeeEmm said: Who doesn't like a brick ensuite?



    I had one just like it at Long Bay all those years ago...almost the same bricks and mirrors!! Though I hope your dunny wasn't stainless steel too.

  • No stainless toilet ,but I did look at a incinerator toilet as a third toilet which was stainless . The house is 48 years old .


  • MALfunction said: Brick before Brick

    OK so this is a picture of your new listening room?


    Have you looked into headphones? I read that they are pretty good these days.

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    MALfunction said: 19 T8's were behind pelmets around the house

    yeah I hate those bloody possums too, get into everything


  • MALfunction said: Mals pic's 016

    That's how you get in to the mancave?

    mal, you should look into this new invention they have now. They're called DOORs.

    Or in my case, they're called "Gaping hole in the back of the bloody house when are you bloody well going to fix it?!".

  • Funny 1st coat of water proofing , spent all afternoon finshed at 19.00hrs rotary hammering the old tile adhesive from the concrete .First layer of self levelling concrete . pis 001 pis 002 pis 004 Floor plan Ensuite Floor Plan Cheers

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    John the doors are 2595mm high ,ceiling 2600mm high not much room to take them off and not mark the cedar ceilings . Just getting the blue board in the house was a pain .

  • 2nd Bathroom to do ,we will be removing the bath and just have a shower . pic2 001 pic2 002

  • You're a fast worker Mal...

  • Slowly coming together Tiles 002 meter 001 Cheers

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