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Seachange - counting down the days!!



  • haha - the real reason for the renos is to get a dedicated music room - everything else is just peripheral changes to keep the peace!!

  • Is the room big enough to put in false walls/ceilings/billiard table/guest bed/Steely Dan ?

  • No Nige - I am not building a fantasy dungeon for you

  • Mmmmm dedicated music rooooommm....

  • JohnR said: Mmmmm dedicated music rooooommm....

    We've got one of those. It just happens to have a kitchen in it and a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom attached to it. And if you turn up the amp...a considerable outdoor arena space!

  • The only way I'll get a separate music room is to buy a big ass caravan and toe it in :-? ,

  • i built a room at my last house

    It took a considerable amount of money & time

    I enjoyed it immensely

    Then, i sold it

    I am dumber than most sometimes

  • I need to replace the sad looking carport with a decent one first. If/I've been told when , we build an external room I rather put a teenager out there and have peace :) in the house :)

  • Hey Paul,

    when's the GTG?? I'm sure we could give you 20 different suggestions for your listening room. Steely Dan for one.

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