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Seachange - counting down the days!!

Some of you are aware (after Bathurst) that we have sold up at Kurrajong, and at the end of next week will move to the Central Coast (Chittaway Point). We initially bought the house at Chittaway as a weekender or investment/rental, but the lifestyle there is too good, so now we will make it permanent, and I will commute to Blacktown for work.

It will be a bit of a shambles for a while, with renovations starting early next year, but when things settle down I will organise a GTG.



  • Awesome!!

  • Fantastic B-) & the guest room ? :D :-b

  • Looks like this?

  • I used to live at Chittaway...Bay. Oberon Road. Get used to being flooded in every other year!! Especially on the Point.

    Mum and other parts of the family still live up the road a bit. Personally, we couldn't live there anymore - too many stupid people living too close together. Nice place to visit though.

    And John...Ourimbah Creek and Tuggerah Lake looks nothing like that...!

  • Paul, very exciting. I'm sure Sean wasn't implying anything. Will your Merc be able to keep up with the tradies' utes and vans on the freeway ?

    Have you decided what you're going to do re the music room ? or hoping the gtg will generate some suggestments ?

  • No implication on Paul...more about his forthcoming neighbours in the district. Some of whom are my family now that I think on it...

    Regardless...not my idea of a seachange (mine involves a much, much longer drive to the nearest neighbour...) but to each his own!!

  • No implication taken Seano!! Our second son (until recently) was a cop, so he checked on the crime rates, etc in the area - C/Point was ok, especially the further out on the point you are (we are 3/4 the way to the end). No implication re yr relatives either !!!

    We are moving from a small acreage (ok - 1 & a bit acres), but we have no neighbours at front (lake), back (river) and east (holiday home never used). And on the west we have great neighbours (who also have a boat!!) so I think we will adjust ok.

    RE flooding - well we have already had one that cut off our house for 6 days, so we have some idea what to prepare for. The house didn't flood, and the renos will further reduce the risk. But the location is fantastic, so if it floods every 5 years the rest of the time will make up for it!

    Nige / yeah the 120+kmh run on the M1 is a bit daunting with the Hilux convoy, but I will manage!! The music room is still a WIP until after the main renos are finished. The GTG might just be a bribe for lots of free advice.

  • If you haven't tried them...the butcher at Chittaway shops is very good

  • Augurs well for an excellent BBQ, Paul. Do you have a date in mind yet ? because I am a very important person and need minutes to re-arrange my busy schedule.

  • Yes Seano, they have an amazing range of sausages, and the other meats are pretty good too. The bakery next door to the butchers is good also, and the takeaway isn't too bad either. Havent tried the Chinese takeway or the pizza shop yet!

    Nige - no date yet, but I will keep in mind that you need lots of notice for your social calendar!!

  • Good for you Paul

    Be prepared to get BUSY!

    I seriously havent stopped working on projects around the house since I got here on Jul-4

    Currently reshaping & prepping area for 80m2 of turf I get to lay on Monday :(

    Im busier than a one-armed sniper

    The wife is a god-damn slave-driver

  • Well glad that's over !!! We are now in the house, and tripping over boxes, etc.

    Hifi is nearly setup (in the lounge, so cant use it when the tv is on !!) But better than nothing for now.

  • Jolly good! A new place is so much fun.

  • Hi Paul Now your in you can kick back :-b

    The wife & I had a relaxing week in Cleveland QLD with Gill's cousins . How far are you Paul & Graham from Cleveland ? .


  • Hi Mal, I am not sure where Cleveland is, but we are only an hour north of Sydney !! and G is an hour north of Brisbane!!

  • Mal, we're an hour & a half north of Cleveland, without traffic.

    Paul, well done on the move.

    Prepare to GET BUSY!

  • haha - I was already busy before the move !! Over the next 3 weeks I have 2 trips to 6 countries across SEA, plus a trip to Wagga to see our second son graduate from RAAF basic training. Then when we get back from the second trip I will put my feet up until the renos start in Feb (that's the theory anyway!!)

  • Paul47 said: from the second trip I will put my feet up until the renos start in Feb (that's the theory anyway!!)

    And stick to it


  • You love a house

    You buy a house

    You change a house

    There are no innocents here!

  • Sounds like getting married: women buy a house because they think they can change it into what they want; men buy a house because they think it's going to stay that way forever.

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