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Bathurst 2015

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Hi Folks, it's on again. By official confirmation of our esteemed host, Terry Jones. It's the Bathurst race weekend, so that would mean 8-11 October, give or take. If you haven't heard a truly sorted active loudspeaker system, here's your chance. If you have, well, here's your chance anyway. To cover food, there's a modest kitty donation of $70 per weekend attendee, day trippers $20. BYOG. Your host's brew of choice, by the way, is XXXX Bitter (not Gold!), which you can find at the Knickerbocker Hotel in town should you forget to get some on the way ;)



  • Hi John,
    Thanks - I will be there at some stage over the weekend - we have NZ relatives over around that time so I have to juggle a few commitments.

  • dunno if it is too early to call, but looks like this year is a dud. Not that that is a problem either way.

    AFAICT from reading both threads there is only one confirmed (paul). Gleaning from grahams first post in the other if I assume Jack is coming then that is two.

    With the family connection John (I assume) will pop out.

    A few other 'possibles' but as mentioned only one 'certainty' (two if we include Jack which was not explicitly stated). This is not a whinge, but in all honesty it takes a fair bit of effort to get ready (mainly cleaning up the pigsty state the house gets into over the year..I am such a goddamned messy worker) that going to that effort on such 'uncertainties' is not my first choice of something to do.

    I mean anyone is more than welcome to pop out, stay the night etc (which I hope you all know) yet equally I can understand that most would only come out because of all the other attendees.

    I'm not going to go out and buy the food etc etc on assumptions. Can get expensive if those assumptions stay just that, assumptions.

    Having no certainty is the killer here, it's 'all well and good' from the other side to just decide at the last minute one way or the other, or not think to be explicit amongst all the thread banter, but from this side of the fence it is a bit of a mindfuck.

    In many ways I am surprised it has gone on for as long as it has, which I think is a congrats to all of us who attend-it obviously has had some appeal-but it's kinda sad we nearly got to ten in a row for it to (seemingly) all fall over.

    The tenth anniversary, that woulda been one grand weekend!

    anyway, I kinda feel that soon I have to call it one way or the other so we'll see what happens in the next week.

    OF COURSE even if it is not on all are welcome any time, think you all know that.

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    Hi terry, fair enough, I'll call this afternoon and hopefully we could make a plan to get firm commitments this week say.

  • yeah, tis all cool John. I just hope I was not taken the wrong way (?)

    I mean it is great when thirty turn up, or just five, but either way I gotta KNOW. Preferably a tad beforehand.

    All that is really required is a simple 'yes'. That way I can get numbers. 'I will try' or 'maybe' does not help really. That is fine six months out I guess, but this year it turns out time is shorter than normal so at the pointy end what is needed is yes, ie numbers.

    (I can work out how much cleaning I have to do haha).

    Honestly, THAT is the killer! :))

  • Colour me your colour baby

  • Jack WILL be there

    Me, probably not :(

  • Two confirmed! Will Jack be coming up with anyone?

  • spoke with john today, thanks for nudging the thread to try and nail down numbers.

    AFAIK we have, to date, Jack, John R, paul47, ken and bren. Dave (chickenism) has said to lindy he'll come along, but (sadly) he has not been too good so I personally don't think he'll get here. Hope to be wrong.

    Joz made a kinda woo hoo comment, but did not actually say if he can/will make it. It's these small unknowns I hope johns nudge sorts out.

  • I can categorically rule out my chances of attending this year as that's school holidays time...yes, the Little Bloke is at school these days...and we are (I'm advised) heading north west (rather than east) during that period. Enjoy!!

  • Jack and Emily confirmed.

  • JohnR said:
    Jack and Emily confirmed.

    I can confirm JR's post that I am a confirmed attendee, and looking forward to celebrating the 9th year of Bathurst (is it really 9 years???)
    I am bringing my lovely girlfriend for her first soujourn, and TJ she is very much looking forward to the full "Bathurst Experience." I can also assure you that she is far less of a concern than previous ring-ins... I'll leave it at that.
    Given that GM is too busy on his tour of "cafe lunches of the Sunshine Coast," that leaves me as the last remaining non-Jones to attend all (soon to be) 9 years - gotta keep up the legacy.
    I will make contact with a few regulars that haven't confirmed and practice my best peer-pressuring!

    Can't Wait. 36 days.

  • Updates:

    Earle is a no, he's blown a foofer-valve (pun intended) and has too many amps to build as a result.

    Amar is a no - he'll be O/S, but he is sending me a USB of his finest latest work, to ensure he is there in spirit.

    Paul S is a tentative yes, TBC ASAP.

    Chickenism is doing his best to be there depending on his health. Call him a tentative yes as well.

  • I read in an SNA thread (about pre's) that Bear/Anthony is planning to come this year.

  • will be good to meet emily jack, and see you again.

    re the last remaining attendee that has been to all bar the jones', well even then you are doing champion work. Marnie was in england one year (and was maddie too??) so you are right amongst it!

    Yeah, I too did not think it was the tenth event, I think that is next year? Maybe we should aim for that to be the mother of all events haha.

    paul, it would be good to see anthony again, he has done well for someone so far away. I don't have his email, if someone could tickle him via PM to confirm in the thread that would be great. IIRC he suggested in the thread he was aiming to make it, so we'll see soon enough.

    Anyways, who cares who else comes eh? I think we have a good bunch already with a few more possibles. The ones with no cahoonies that have to get permission from their wives.

    Pish. See what happens when you get married? Bah and humbug. I already know I can have the gtg because lindy has said I can.

    maybe get a course of viagra and stop being softcocks is the answer. Be tough. Like me.


  • Indeed Terry, I think all 3 of the girls have missed at least 1 event, so that just leaves 3 of us!

    I did a count-back, its definitely the 9th this year. I'm sure that in a few weeks time we can make grand, outrageous plans for the 10th year celebrations.
    You are right, we've had some excellent years with small(er) size crews.

    Current Confirmed List:

    Norpus + Bren (+ Harley Maybe)

    Jack + Emily







    Paul S (+ Merrilyn Maybe)


  • Mal still tentative, he's working on it.

  • Not head from Mal again.

    I talked to David/fenda today, Terry he has your email address and might email you for more info. I met him at Alan's the other day.

  • thanks john

    joz will prob bail and go to the uber 2 day gtg in melb :)

    so basically what you are saying is you got no head from mal? I'm not surprised frankly.

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    terryj said:

    so basically what you are saying is you got no head from mal? I'm not surprised frankly.

    2013 ,13th of sept discectomy L5,S1 off work 3 months

    2014 ,27th of sept discectomy L5,S1 off work 4months

    I'm on shift 7th - 9th of oct , we don't have a spare on shift to have 2 off at the same time . So I'm trying to organise mutuals to get someone to cover my post . Theres only a couple of guys that will do muturals .


  • terryj said:
    thanks john

    joz will prob bail and go to the uber 2 day gtg in melb :)

    so basically what you are saying is you got no head from mal? I'm not surprised frankly.

    Oh you funny! I thought you were making shit up. But I actually did say that :-S

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