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Bathurst 2015. Who's the guy? Jack needs to know.

Who's the Bathurst organiser for 2015?

Probably, I won't make it. Trying to setup a business prior to the end of the year

Jack needs to know who the organiser is.

Washappenin' dudes?



  • What's involved in being the "organiser"?

  • Phone call to Terry to verify all is 'oki doki' for pending event.

    Initial email to the 'usual suspects' to remind them of the event.

    Weekly updates to this site about status quo of who is/isn't's attending, who is pending.

    Regular updates to this site about what may/or may not be happening at said event.

    Whatever other banter you feel is appropriate.

    If I did make it this year, I was gunna drive down in 'the slavo'. It's a phucken missile.


  • A friend of mine had a car that caught fire once.

  • The Slavo goes faster than fire, so I'll be OK if it cathes alight :)

  • You're so hot.

  • edited August 2015

    Back on topic, the first item in your list scares me but I'd be willing to do it if no-one else steps up (how's that for unbridled enthusiasm). Assuming I can do it here and don't have to deal with a zillion emails. So... if you still need to hand the torch, hand it to me.


  • Hi John

    Any progress with the phone call?

    You want me to ring on your behalf?

  • I didn't get the torch yet.

    Will try tomorrow.

  • hi graham

    how about you (someone) just start the thread wherever. I don't go on to audio forums anymore, and some won't have me haha.

    If you started it, then any enquiry just sling em my email, I'll handle it after there.

    is that some sort of solution?

    Remember, if you don't come it will simply confirm the discussions we have all had behind your back, that you are, indeed, a soft cock.

  • Works for me.

  • Maybe this would be a good time to remind EVERYBODY that you can send invitations. All by yourself, without me having to do it.

  • Terry, what's the kitty donation? Probably be a good idea to post that.

  • I'm on shift 8-11 weekend . I'll see if I can do a few muturals to get the weekend off .

  • JohnR said:
    Terry, what's the kitty donation? Probably be a good idea to post that.

    hi john

    dunno, prob the same or similar to last year, not that I know what it was.

    will ask lindy

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