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Beautiful day today. Ocean pool was pretty clean, nice, did a few extra laps.


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  • Too much information X_X
  • Nope [-X
  • Mal's getting a little pressie that will speed him up :)
  • How's it sounding Mal?!
  • :notworthy:
  • Group hug!
    in Bathurst 2017 Comment by JohnR July 20
  • Jetstar is total 7kg. Virgin is 7 kg plus a laptop: "In addition to the carry-on baggage allowance, one of the following personal items may be carried in the cabin: A laptop computer*, handbag, pocketbook or purse (of reasonable size)" https://ww…
  • Or two.
    in Bathurst 2017 Comment by JohnR July 18
  • There'll be no smoke because he's ran out of fuel!! It been a cold winter... (brrr....)
    in Bathurst 2017 Comment by JohnR July 12
  • Gosh I love Crumpler! A few more hours left on the sale. I hate to say this Seano but I think I've outgrown backpacks.... I like shoulder bags and/or wheels now.
    in EOFY specials Comment by JohnR July 11
  • Hah :)) They're yours, call me on 867 5309.
  • Last call before ebay.... ! Good quality bags, good quality bags, good quality bags! Not under my eyes, not under my eyes, not under my eyes! Not crumpler but good! Not crumpler but good! Not crumpler but good! I'm not a rapper! Buy my bags you …
  • Would probably want something for the LowePro waist bag but other than that, free free free.
  • :D I bought my Crumpler gear (stuff lasts forever), main one being Google is now serving me ads trying to get me to buy it for USD320. I paid AUD150. A nice upgrade :-b ... for my copious fl…
    in EOFY specials Comment by JohnR June 25
  • Sold! To the highest bidder!! :-b I will need to post them to you tho, if left until Oct I will lose them or forget them or something..
  • Trade? :D Hey here's another tip. Buy printer ink from eBay. My mum just told me she paid $120 for one toner cartridge for her color laser printer. (one!) Looked up on ebay and you can get the full set of 4 for $37, with free delivery. OK so they …
  • Is it on?
    in Bathurst 2017 Comment by JohnR June 16
  • There is one more tip. If buying from online classifieds, be aware that some people will blatantly lie about the condition of an item. I know this because I have seen ads for things I have previously sold.
  • Maybe this next one is obvious but maybe not: don't assume that importing is actually cheaper. For example, this mouse is $59 (USD) at Amazon, and something like $130 at JB Hifi. Seems like a no-brainer... but wait! Turned out that Officeworks are (…
  • Here's the price fluctuation over the last month - look how it just swings around from day to day. Might as well buy it on a "low" day ;)