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Beautiful day today. Ocean pool was pretty clean, nice, did a few extra laps.


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  • Wanna buy a really nice USB cable? )
    in Dangnabbit Comment by JohnR July 2018
  • Yep, I figured that out Bit slower to remove than I thought but then again I was probably watching too many RO150 videos [-X Took a while to get the surface flush on the ends where the angle is - i.e. where you can't use a router trim bit. But it …
  • First test tomorrow
  • JohnR said: Bosch have produced a cordless wet-dry vacuum. Metabo has one too. Seems to be about 5 minutes per Ah in "eco" mode.
  • Fuck - https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/we-regret-any-inconvenience-this-may-cause-amazon-to-stop-shipping-to-australia-from-july-1/news-story/0842f955c18b0f84c3cee7046f63b894
  • MALfunction said: Haven't done much ,due to a family illness . Fitted the sliding stacker doors ,bought 3mm alloy angle & flat bar to make new trims to go around the doors . Hey looks like progress!! But did you leave any room…
  • I was actually surprised when I took the photo and looked at it.
  • I like my new glubot Check it out -
  • Hey look! Something happened
  • 4 days for tools from UK, 2 weeks for cases from Smithfield :-W
  • Here's a new one (to me anyway) - a battery powered dust mask! https://www.timbecon.com.au/extraction-safety/personal-dust-protection/half-face-powered-dust-mask-kit
  • Huh. I guess I just assumed Milwaukee is American and AEG is German.
  • Milwaukee claim 40 minutes of runtime on a battery. Assuming that's a 3Ah battery and the average voltage is 10.8V, that's .... 4.5 amps or a bit under 50 Watts. In theory. Seems doable?
  • Wattayaknow, there is! Bunnings even have one of some sort https://www.bunnings.com.au/tradeflame-3-76v-li-ion-cordless-soldering-iron_p6270492
  • Cordless garden tools must be big business! Check this thing out :-?
  • There's a series of videos where someone puts a petrol motor into one :-b
  • Well isn't this cute: Kind of like a miniature chainsaw. Best review on amazon: "I don't really have any use for this, I just wanted it." Interestingly, it seems to take the same batteries as the blue 10.8 oops 12V tools... hm... PS thi…
  • Probably, it looks pretty aerodynamic Doesn't work well with Windows tho.
  • BTW I'm selling an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse now, on the off chance anyone is interested. Latest model, almost new...
  • I used to have one of those (different brand). And a petrol mulcher. That was a beast.