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Since Bathurst I have been listening to...

Nightwish - Dark Passion Play [damn you Jerry Tones]

Haken - The Mountain [amazing prog rock in the vein of Steven Wilson]

Hanggai - He Who Travels Far [Mongolian folk punk...yeah really]

Hinkstep - Out Inner Space [downtempo electronica from Sweden]


  • Awesome. I've added these to my "collection" on Rdio. (Hopefully I've finally figured out a way to keep track of new music reccies....)

  • Seano said: Nightwish - Dark Passion Play [damn you Jerry Tones]

    Well that's epic! I didn't realize before starting how long it is.

  • You probably fell into the bonus version with all the tracks repeated as instrumentals, eh?

  • Hi Seano, I think it's the regular version? http://rd.io/x/QaqWzyJaTuY/

    Anyway, worth another listen :)

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