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John & his 12" toy

Hi John

Rumour has it, that you have ordered a new device for 12" fun...

So, when does it arrive & does it come with a Gimp mask?


  • A new subwoofer? No, I haven't bought any subwoofers in a while now.


  • edited August 2014

    That's it John, keep up the dirty, dirty talk.

    Just the way Nigel likes it. :-b

    He's such a dirty bird.

    Oh, and remember, if the Gimp falls asleep "well... wake him up!!!" X_X

  • Hah hah, as usual I had to google to even know what you are talking about! Here's my gimp: http://www.gimp.org/

    How's your 8-inch passive coming along?

  • Hah, hah!

    I'm a liar.

    It aint built yet, coz life gets in the way.

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