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I have arrived



  • Whew.....

    (Hi Rhett!)

  • Ok, let's get started. Whose deal is it?

  • Normality was returning in dribs and drabs...that would've been a shame. It's on...

  • couldnt see anywhere in the rules about saying anything bad about vinyl...

    so, can I?

  • Rhett, what do you think of vinyl ?

  • well, to be honest with the latest releases of 45rpm heavy (200gm) LPs recorded at half speed and then sped up again - the sound is really good. It's almost as good as compact disc now.

  • haha - cute. Well I happen to think vinyl is perfect for carseats and handbags.

  • Nothing better than a sticky vinyl seat on a hot summer day... The only possible worse thing would be sheepskin... ewurgh

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