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The TODO List

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A list:

  1. Create an About/Help page with intro to the site and links to help. Maybe some rules too... :(
  2. Make the invitation module use the sender's email (not mine!). Then I can enable everybody to send invitations.
  3. Figure out why the thumbs up/down buttons aren't showing.
  4. Make it run faster.
  5. Put a notice with link to About/Help on the registration/invitation page (only).
  6. Set up the backups!! (Yikes)
  7. Fix ability (inability) to quote
  8. Add a "poll" function
  9. Add Categories item to the main menu.
  10. A better logo
  11. Add an activity box in the sidebar menu
  12. Add "reactions" to threads/comments

(Feel free to add your own suggestions below.)


  • Logout button?

  • edited November 2013

    Mwu hah hah! You can never leave!! :) :)

    Actually, if you click on the little gear under your name to the left, you can log out there.

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