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New OB

In the "how to waste Bunno's bamboo benchtop" category.

New dipole.png

I think I'll go with C - because it's more complicated. I don't have enough material to make the whole brace from one piece so the leg will probably be two pieces, one on each side of the "C". Otherwise I'd worry about stress on that joint.


  • Or maybe D. The leg and the "C" shape are in one plane and glued together.


  • C looks more Art Deco :-b

  • Interesting substance John. What's it like to work?

  • Whilst you're chasing complicated, why not angle the baffle back a coupla degrees!?

  • I can do that!

    Jules, I'm not expert enough to know how to answer that, but it cuts very clean except for top layer when you cut it cross-wise. Harder than birch ply. But some horrible voids (see pics in other thread).

  • Ha, sounds a little challenging. I've reverted to using mdf more than I did in the past ... it cuts like cheese, it's cheap and waste doesn't matter. You don't seem to have noticed that your woodwork is getting pretty advanced John.

    Must have a close look at some of the bamboo ply [?] next time I'm in Bunnings.

  • edited February 2018

    I got me a protractor :D Thinking maybe I should get a router template bendy thing now...

    It's kind of a laminate. Pretty strong, I tried bending a piece about 15 mm wide, I could probably kick it in half but a piece of a sheet won't break.

    I guess they dress the edges of the complete tops so you only find the voids when you cut it. This is admittedly the worst example I could find -

    Not void free - Copy

  • How about version F?

    version F

  • " F " for !@#$
    :-q X_X :D

  • Maybe "Front" could be designed to match the style of F more, unless it's specifically that way for baffle reasons?

  • The fronts are already cut :) I just kindof like how sturdy F is.

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