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Camera bags (free)

Anyone need a camera bag? I have a stack to go. Will post a picture soon.


  • DSCF8822

    Would probably want something for the LowePro waist bag but other than that, free free free.

  • edited July 2017

    Last call before ebay.... !

    Good quality bags, good quality bags, good quality bags!

    Not under my eyes, not under my eyes, not under my eyes!

    Not crumpler but good! Not crumpler but good! Not crumpler but good!

    I'm not a rapper! Buy my bags you crapper!

    Oops I didn't mean that! You know this is where it's at!

    A bag a bag! Or two! or three! Don't be an old hag!

  • If I take one will you stop rapping - my ears are bleeding

    Maybe the bottom right bag, and the mid sized Case logic? in the centre left of the photo.

  • Hah :))

    They're yours, call me on 867 5309.

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