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Online shopping tips

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When you have a bunch of stuff in your cart, go through the checkout process, entering your name, email, shipping address etc, but don't actually complete payment. Quit the browser.

Some companies use software that a day later will email you, saying something like "We notice you didn't complete checkout. Was it something we said? Here's a coupon you can use to get 10% off."

So then you check out with the coupon and get 10% (or whatever) off, just for sitting on it a day. (And if you don't get the email, it didn't cost you anything extra to wait a day.)


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    Here's another one. Before buying your latest unobtainium-in-Australia gizmo from Amazon, check this site first:


    (Put the thing you want in the search box). It will tell you what the price history of the thing is over the last however-long it's been available for. If you notice that it was $50 last year but now it's $100 (say), add a price alert, and tell it to email you when the price drops below $60.

    You might think this is quibbling over a few dollars, but you have to see an example to realize how wildly amazon prices can fluctuate. (Just try it)

    OK here's an example, a keyboard I bought recently (brilliant BTW):


    See how at one point it was up to $199? When I went to buy it, it was $93. BUT it had just gone up from 74. I put in a price alert and the next week bought it for $72 when the price went back down again.

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    Here's the price fluctuation over the last month - look how it just swings around from day to day. Might as well buy it on a "low" day ;)

    Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 12.44.14 am

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    Maybe this next one is obvious but maybe not: don't assume that importing is actually cheaper. For example, this mouse is $59 (USD) at Amazon, and something like $130 at JB Hifi. Seems like a no-brainer... but wait! Turned out that Officeworks are (or were) selling them for $79, you just had to find a store that had some in stock.

    I got one in the DeeWhy store since they had one (1!) and I had to go by there anyway. Turned out I hated it. Absolutely hated it. So I took it back to the Mona Vale store and they gave me a refund.

    So I guess that a "non-online shopping tip".

    Some other things like SSDs for example seem to be just a better deal at stores like IJK.

  • There is one more tip. If buying from online classifieds, be aware that some people will blatantly lie about the condition of an item. I know this because I have seen ads for things I have previously sold.

  • I think it would be easier if I just get you to buy my items :D

  • Trade? :D

    Hey here's another tip. Buy printer ink from eBay. My mum just told me she paid $120 for one toner cartridge for her color laser printer. (one!) Looked up on ebay and you can get the full set of 4 for $37, with free delivery. OK so they are not genuine but found aftermarket seem to work fine.

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    JohnR said:
    Trade? :D

    No prob's
    I'll trade the BMS for the DEQX


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    Say it isn't so!!! :-O

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