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Chunky or cute


  • Chunky if they are headphones. Cute...if you are a droll millennial .

  • Is that what they look like out of the box :D

  • Yep :-b

    Was hoping to measure today but it's not going to happen. This weekend.

  • Cute.

    But I like compression drivers & horns :-b :x

  • Meeeasurementssssss....

    Amp is a bit noisy hence extra smoothing. 0-90 in 15 degree increments:

    BMS4550+SEOS12 0-90 deg

    Pair matching good, funny off-axis difference up high (0 30 60 deg):

    BMS4550+SEOS12 A vs B 0 30 60 deg

  • Well get a bloody quiet amp :))

  • It's only used for measurement (little Class D thing).

    Its fine with normal tweeters X-(

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