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This ad cracked me up -


I must drop in there next time I'm down that way, since "ALL MESSAGES WILL BE IGNORED BECAUSE OF BASTARDS"


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    I'm not saying its right but ,their not the only brand that do it . Its all about value adding to a brand . if a retailer wants to discount a product well he has to where the cost .

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    Vijay's Power Tools.

    What's to bet they are grey market imports. Festool are like quite a few brands (Miele come to mind as well) that only sell on commission or some such. As such they dictate the wholesale (and to a limited extent, retail) price...and the margin paid to the reseller. Which is probably what has put Old Mate into CAPS LOCK HELL. Nothing to do with hornest bastards and the next generation.

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    Actually I'm unclear on the specifics of that vs normal retail markup but it is fairly clear there's not a lot of discounting on Festool.

    BUT!! What I can tell you to be definitely true is that I now have one of THESE in my HOT LITTLE HANDS:

    Not tested yet because it's DARK not to mention RAINING again. Didn't buy it from Vijay (sorry Vijay to let down the NEXT GENERATION).

  • Heck though, TBH I wouldn't mind a grey import on a future purchase, like say a sander. Never had a single problemo with Festools that would need warranty.

  • PPS. I had a Miele and won't be buying another one. But it only washed clothes.

    PPPS. I can't help wondering if whatever model Miele/Festool etc is using is actually the right one. I mean, everyone loves a better deal but if there are better deals to be had, doesn't that mean that it was overpriced in the first place?

  • I've been buying my tool's from the same mod 25 years plus and their quite happy to give me a great discount when they can . They don't even like dealing with Festool because of the pricing structure . Most place's that advertise a discount on Festool tools is because Festool have discounted the wholesale price to local dealers .

    No doudt their price's are over inflatted . Theres another German brand thats in the same league ,not sure if the price's are the same in Germany , the only thing is they don't need to sell outside of their own market .

    The Rotex 150 is one of the best sanders out there . Even better than my old fav Rupes ,Planetary Sander & Half Sheet 5mm orbit. I paid over $500 for my Rupes 34 years ago . It took me 7 weeks to pay it of as a first year apprentise .

  • I don't know if it's true that Festool prices are over-inflated. I'm not made of money and while I'm an amateur I've never come across anything that can even compete with the Protool (now Festool) PDC/DRC-18 drill or the TSC-55 saw. My next favorite tool is my Bosch impact driver and then mini recip saw.

    I read that other brands have tracksaws etc but just try buying a saw and rails that fit here in AU.

    We will see how this new saw stacks up :->

    I still don't know shit about sanders! All I do is rip up a sheet and put it on a cork block. I see Festool have just released THREE new sanders. No doubt there is a way to make things easier/quicker but so far I really dont' know what is right for me.

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