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Soundproofing my Car

G'day John et al, I would like to use REW in my car, but not only to run sweeps through the system, but to record outside noise from inside the car, so that I can quantify any improvement. Can REW record not from it's own signal, and display it on a frequency graph ? Like a conversation, can REW record a conversation ?

Maybe I run a long sweep through the system with volume 0. ???

Love yous 'all


  • Use the RTA.

    You will need an assistant to do it while the car is moving :)

  • An assistant that can run very, very fast...

  • Thanks John,

    Graeme, not so much.....

  • You dont own a van do you :-? [-X

  • edited March 5

    "Do you want to buy some speakers" type of van ?? Nope a Camry and an MR2. Oh what a feeling.

  • edited March 6

    I thought Camry's were soundproof. MR2 has no reason to be soundproof...or have a stereo.

  • Everything needs a stereo.

  • Dead right Seano, so am forced to add Kg's to the MR2 if I want to listen to Justin Bieber as I cruise the strip.

  • So how did it go?

  • not yet - a bit poor at the mo, registering a car, fixing another, surgery fees and the usual bottle-o fees.

  • Re. surgery - c'mon, you didn't really need it -

  • How long, before the Tasmanian jokes start...?

  • About minus 3 hours...!

    I didn't know Nigel is Tasmanian.

  • My sister is particularly voluptuous.

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