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So we bought a new back door and I am putting a Lockwood 005 on it. I like this lock because you can lock it but still be openable from the inside, or you can deadlock it with the key.

Fortunately for me, I did a test install on a piece of scrap wood, because I totally messed it up the first time (holes not in straight).

Anyway, I'm a bit perturbed at how easy it is to disassemble the lock. Even if it's deadlocked, all someone has to do is pull off a cover and undo two screws. The barrel slides out and then it's easy to draw back the bolt.

:( :( :( what's the point of having a deadlock if you can take it off so easily ? ? ?

I had assumed a lock at this price ($90) would be designed so that you can only dissassemble it once the door is open.

What am I missing :/


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