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2 Steps forward 1 Stepback

edited November 2016 in Other Pastimes

But it fills like 2 steps back .
Yesturday while cleaning the pool , I slipped in the pool & hit my back on the steps leaading into the pool .

4 broken left Transverse process L1,2,3 & L4 .

What did the wife say ?


Don't wear reading glass's working near edges .


  • Jeezers Mal, you poor khan, for anyone that seems like a lotta pain, but for your back this is unbelievable !!
    100% agree re wearing glasses. Whenever I stumble or bump/kick things I notice I'm wearing my glasses and have misjudged something on the periphery. Almost never happens when I'm not wearing glasses.

  • or are you tyring to get out of pool duties...?

  • Trying to get it filled in with concrete :D

  • Cheaper to fill it with sand! Everyone wants a beach!

    Sorry to hear about the back. That would not tickle.

  • That sounds like about four steps back :-S Ouch. I would definitely be interested though in knowing how you go taking your revenge on the pool, as I want to get rid of ours as well.

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