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Glue for CLD?

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In the US they talk about using "green glue" for CLD (constrained layer damping). But it's seems hard to get here and/or expensive. Any suggestions on something I could get a small tube of at e.g. Bunnings for a test?


  • Anything in the Sikaflex range . Ring their tech support .
    eg 252
    Or something different 3M range of double sided tapes , but don't fall over when you're told the price :)

  • There is an alternative...

    For the life of me I can't remember it...



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    Not a great ad for the quietglue!

    One thing I've learned is that these aren't glue. (Green glue and quiet glue).

    I also read that in order for CLD to work there needs to be a certain amount of flex, and in something like a speaker cabinet it seems unlikely there would be enough to work properly. Big difference between 1200x2400 gyprock and say 400*600 birch ply. Presumably there is still damping but not really CLD.

    Nobody seems to really know.

  • Sikaflex 292
    Glue your boards together first then cut .

  • MALfunction said:
    Sikaflex 292
    Glue your boards together first then cut .

    He may be soft!

    But when he's right, he's right!

  • JohnR said:
    Not a great ad for the quietglue!

    But an interesting assessment, all the same.

    The thing I am confused about, is that they then screw the top sheet to the bottom sheet.

    ie coupling them together somewhat.

    Maybe that's because they aint really glues ;)

    But I woulda thought a box-in-a-box without fixed coupling would work better.

    But I aint lost, so it don't matter.

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    Be interesting to know how HARD it gets when cured.

    Small financial loss to give it a try


  • Another option
    Acrylic Stud adhesive-Plaster adhesive

  • Actually I bought a tube of acrylic gap filler. Because a. it was cheap ($4) b. the experiment is only going to use a fraction of a tube and the rest will no doubt dry out and go to waste and c. nobody knows what works anyway. First experiment will be plywood glued to stone.

  • Doesn't true CLD need to have both the inner & outer skins need to be of the same material ? .
    Roger bass & sub cabs will have a layer of 15mm thick rubber tile ( the type you find on gym floors ) adhered to the walls . Will be using Sikaflex 11fc to hold the tiles in place .

    A guy who does sound studio's and speakers for them use's 18mm mdf with 15mm tile glued to the walls as a form of CLD and has found its so close the true CLD cabs .


  • SikaFlex 11FC bonding thr alloy to ply,but I do have some 292 that was going to hold the baffles inplace .

    IMG_6665 - Copy

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