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Mogami 2549 cable

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I seem to be about to run a group buy on this




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    Price on the 2549 down to about $SOLD, ALL GONE.

    Now also including speaker cable,

    3103 = 2 core, 4 mm sq, ALL GONE

    2972 = 4 core, 2 mm sq ALL GONE


  • I just checked out the specs for these cables and they look very good. The only spec that is worse than what I have, is inductance. Zaphod B told me that for ESLs (capacitive loads) inductance is THE property to cater for, but if I had conventional speakers I suspect one would struggle to find cable as good as what you have here, John.

  • You could lower the inductance by wiring the 2972 in "starquad" configuration, but braided configurations e.g. Kimber etc or flat foil would be lowest. What cable do you have?

  • some rg213U stuff - but is so thick it doesn't bend easily. At each end I change to a few inches of normal jaycar cable to terminate.

  • Ah. Maybe that's why I have a piece of rg8 in my box of cable. Almost the same thing.

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