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10, 15, 20A?

I'm confused. What's the difference between power plugs/cables rated at these different amperages? The actual "interface" is always the same. (Isn't it?)


  • The interface is different between a 10 amp plug and a 15/20 amp plug. Earth pin is bigger on the latter. But in every case, cable size is different. Even so it's not uncommon to find a 10 amp lead with 15 amp cable (claimed). The last 15 amp lead I bought appears to have 20 amp rated cable...

  • Hi Seano OK I got it now. I never even knew there were different interfaces. Seems that 15A has a bigger earth pin, and 20A also has bigger power pins. So you can plug e.g. a 10A plug into a 15A or 20A socket, but not vice versa.

    Seems there are 25A and 32A types as well.

  • Correct.

    The 25 and 32 amp single phase plugs are industrial grade and very different to normal domestic/light industrial three pins.

  • 32A gpo & 6mm cable for the stereo

    today 007

  • Mal, what's on the other end of the cord you plug into that? A massive powerboard?

  • A couple of custom power boards . Once the iso tranny in place there could be other options .

  • I need to talk to you. We need to get our main powerboard replaced and I was wondering about ("while we are at it"...) putting in a couple of extra dedicated "A/V" circuits. Sounds like you already did it.

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    I put a single 32A circuit in for the stereo .

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    I got that :) I'm wondering what I should ask the contractor about the rest of it :) I was thinking of asking if they could put in a new circuit to the main powerboard with like 12 10A points on the wall and with a single breaker/switch right there next to them. But I'm afraid I would be speaking a different language. The single high power outlet with separate board might work better.

  • I can assure you that, even with that request, your sparky will look at you like some kind of alien (or potential drug dealer).

  • Would you need a 120A single breaker to be able to run 12 x 10A lines back to it .
    Do you want to do this so there's no chance of ground loops .

    Best to work out how much current draw the stereo gear is pulling at full out put . Then if you can go with a single circuit back to the board .

    Send of a pm to 125dbmonster ( Matt ) on SNA . He'll be able to work out what you want . Even get him to join this forum .

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    Ha! No I don't think 120A is required! I'm just trying to figure out how best to get rid of this total mish-mash of powerboards and do things most sensibly. Since the main powerboard has to be replaced anyway, it seems to make sense to put in a new dedicated circuit at the same time. I like the idea of putting in a high power outlet(s), then the Class 2 electrician can install that so as not to complicate that quote, and I can try to find someone who can do the powerboard.

  • The one elec should be able to do the new main board & all circuits . mine did ?
    The only thing my elec didn't do was the 3 phase connection from the street to the hockey stick ,he connected the meter board .

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