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Where do you complain?

So here's how I see it. I'm done with half a century, so if someone knocks on my door and tells me I'm supposed to believe something other than what I do, I think I've earned the right to just say I'm just not interested.

I don't care what it is that you think, I just think it's fair to let people be with where they are.

So now this guy (OK two of them) walk back down the stairs and one of them is scoffing and snorting like I'm an idiot. Long story short, I called them back, wanted to know where exactly they were from, all I got was the website address. So I called and said I wanted to lodge a complaint. That is the FIRST time in my life I have ever done anything like that. EVER.

That was 10am today, now it's 9pm. I'm not appeased, obviously.


  • Thats why you need a dog that can run faster than they can :D

  • Or stairs that can turn into a slippery dip at the press of a button...

  • After 50 years, and you don't look a day older than 30, why do you care what anybody thinks, especially door-knockers. How can you let the words out of a stranger's mouth upset you ?
    Were these religious types, out conscripting?
    I've only ever told them to go away, but depending on boredom vs how busy I am, the next time I am tempted to sit down with them and challenge their intelligence with some simple 'tests' of their beliefs, like "why?" and "what evidence is there?" "God?! what's that? a verb or a noun?" You gotta feel sorry for people who have been born with some of their CPUs switched off or never given the chance to think freely.

  • You can't control what others do or think.

    You can control how you let it affect you.

    Life is too short, and happiness is NOT over-rated.

    Listen to some tunes while you tinker with a hobby.

  • Seano said:
    Or stairs that can turn into a slippery dip at the press of a button...

    Now that is a brilliant idea.

    I'm not sure quite what to make of the sudden transformation of my other best friends into Dalai Lama.

  • John, isn't your driveway already a slippery dip? X_X

  • Yes, unless you have a Mini :D

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