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Exhaust fans

I'm thinking I'll get a couple of these for the bathroom and laundry -


What I can't figure out is how much noise they will make. Supposedly with the fan being up in the ceiling there will be less noise than from a unit which is the vent and fan in one, but then other places I read that inline fans are noisy. You can even get a "muffler" for them -


Any here got experience?


  • In my experience they aren't noisy as long as the inline fan chosen suits the length of ducting, number of bends, complexity of system...also depends how isolated the fan motor and ducting is from its mounting.

    We have a massive inline fan on our roof which is called an evaporative air conditioner...and you can barely hear it even when running at full tilt.

  • One bend, at the vent. Sounds like I should just give it a go

    how isolated the fan motor and ducting is from its mounting

    You mean like a rubber mounting thing of some kind?

  • Anyway, ordered some! One way to find out.

  • Rubber mounting under the fan WILL isolate noise through the timber.

    But, a bit of noise is better than a lot of moisture.

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