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TwoDogs - April 30 2016

To all the AF members,
If you happen to be in Sydney on April 30 then come along to a GTG at my place in Berowra,
from about 1pm on.
The hi-hi purpose is to demo some little Eraudio 505 ESL hybrids I wrote up in SNA recently,
but if it goes like the last GTG I had, people spent the whole time chatting in the kitchen :-)
A lot of catching up and a certain fondness for red wine was evident. :-)

Let me know if you are interested and I'll send details.




  • Well, we do like red wine... and a chat!

  • Attention ! Attention ! Date rescheduling is on the cards.
    Stand-by for an announcement shortly. As you were .......

  • But I already re-arranged my whole schedule for the next month.

  • what's a schedule?

  • I'm not sure, but important people say things like that.

  • False alarm, April 30th it is.
    Seano you better head off a week before.

  • I'll check my schedule...

  • There MUST be something you can do up in the big smoke ..???
    Have you made out a will ? Bought any investment properties lately ?

  • Something, yes. But in a modern country like ours...I don't have to! There are both solicitors and investment property in the sticks (8-13% return on the latter where I am!).

    However, I prefer to spend a few bucks on toys rather than lawyers and homes for other people.

    When we are in Sydney I'll let you know. We have immediate family in Westleigh...

    Failing that I've heard of this mad bloke that lives near Bathurst...

  • Mad as a cut snake they say...

    But they don't say it too loud X_X

  • The kitchen will be very warm this year.

  • I have board shorts and hearing protection...

  • The donuts will stay warm too.

  • Have to drink beer in a timely manner.

    Nuthin'new there ;)

  • OK, I was there, and I drank a beer.

  • I was also there, and drank a few glasses of wine.
    Thanks Nige - it was a good afternoon.

  • I can vouch for Paul. He was there. I saw him.

  • edited May 2016

    Did you happen to actually listen to the loudspeakers that Nigel was showing off?
    Or were you all just goofing off?

  • Oh I've got an idea. Nigel should bring them to Bathurst. You'll be there, he'll be there. I can vouch for it with my own two eyes.

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