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Scored a bargain (I think...)

edited March 2016 in Audio Talk

So the weekend before last I noticed that a bunch of places had the KEF Q100 at a fairly "deep" discount.

I needed a "normal" speaker for some measurements/testing I need to do and in future, the thought of turning them into an active 2-way was too hard to resist. After some mucking around, I ended up driving to Rosehill today to the Couriers Please depot to get them. I have to say I'm impressed, not so much for refinement but just the general ballsy do-anything sound they have (for a small speaker...)!

I had half a thought to buy another pair but fortunately the price went back up. I paid $569 with free shipping, if you click on lifestylestore.com.au/kef-q100-bookshelf-speakers.html and it says $569 again, and you have a use for them, consider grabbing them.

Anyway sooner or later I'm going to take out the crossover and see what happens with an active XO. Bathurst?


  • Hi John

    Now @ $849


    Do they seem quiet in that respect?

  • Only when the volume is down low?

    86dB is pretty normal for smallish hifi speakers.

    The special wasn't on for long, I wonder if someone at KEF messed up.

    Anyway the budget box construction showed yesterday, the terminal block on the back buzzes when you do a measurement sweep.

  • Ya gets what ya pays for :D

  • Enh. Commercial "entry level" speakers have to take shortcuts somewhere. Cabinet and crossover in this case (better than the drivers).

    Anyway, I'm going to sell these. Too many other projects to do.

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