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What I did on summer vacation...

Whilst waiting for warm rain to stop, so I can continue painting a deck, here's some picks of what I've been doing since the 1st week in July...

We bought one of these House 018

Hmmm, why can i only post one photo...?




  • Then i needed to build a hifi rack

    And a 2.5m x 4.0m wall unit

    And excavate, concrete & paint a carport & driveway

    And have the backyard and 20m of gardens removed

    And have a 6.0 x 6.0m shed built, and line it with ply, and paint the floor, and have it wired to its own power sub board, and build a walk-up bar, and erect a 3.0 x 3.0m suspended ceiling (mezanine)

    And seal large concrete area (I hate some concreters)

    And lay 100m2 of new lawn (and all it entails)

    And install a ducted aircon

    And have a 25m high tree removed, using an 80 tonne crane (8.5 tonne of dry wood)

    Then remove and repair a small part of a 105 year old house and deck.

    Apart from that, its been a walk in the park.

  • I hope my room isn't full of tools and timber !! What's a walk-up bar ? and what would be an alternative ?

  • Less palm trees? Next vacation? After you've had a rest

  • a walk-up bar may also be called a "flash looking" bench.

    I really like the palm trees!

  • edited February 2016

    So, I needed somewhere to store my records. Old houses like this weren't built with storage in mind. People didn't have excesses, like possessions... So I had a blank wall...

    House AF 01

    Then I assisted a joiner cut up $$$ worth of timber

    House AF 02

    Then I built some shelves with hand tools on the front verandah, coz I didn't have a shed yet... I didn't make the timber doors, but i did hange them ;)

    House AF 03

    I even made a drawer, coz I could...

    House AF 04

  • Errr..where's the record player?

    Damn fine shelves by the way.

    I have to make some drawers too.

  • Nice work Gra-Gra, is that drawer dove-tailed ?

  • Awesomely good Graham!!

  • Excellent work Graham B-)

  • Thanks for the compliments guys.

    The plan was to ensure the shelves fitted the style of the 105 year old house, not look like some contemporary melamine add-on (yuk).

    The "record player" is in the next room. This room is where the records etc are kept.

    It is actually in the hidden hi-fi rack I had to build.

    All other attempts at hi-fi racks looked ridiculous in the late Victorian room.

  • I finally found somewhere to put my stereo stuff...

    Stereo rack 01

    But I had to build an insert

    Stereo rack 02

    Turntable shelf is on lock-in/lock-out ball bearing slides

    Stereo rack 03

  • Very very nice G - well done

  • Thanks Paul :D

  • I FINALLY got around to installing speakers in my shed.




    Also installed some stereo thingys in another bench & hi-fi rack I made.

    Walk-up bar is a 50mm slab of blackbutt I machined and finished. :D



  • Looking gooooood ,Gee :)

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