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Sorry about crap pic. Just got these boards. Look pretty good, smaller than I expected. AK4490 latest and hottest thing.

Boards 1

No I didn't choose the placemat. More later.


  • edited August 2015

    Left center: XMOS USB interface and DAC board piggyback.

    Below that, tiny analog balanced to single-ended/driver. Not the high end version but I plan to replace with a transformer and tube output stage later.

    Top right: power supply board x 2

    Right lower: Display/control board.

  • Looking forward to see this finished :)

  • Finished? How about we settle for working :-P

  • Latest! Hottest!! Better?

  • Ever notice how everything in audio (except maybe a CD player) is either bigger or smaller than expected? Especially when it's PSE-144 ... and that goes both ways. Showed it to two people in the last 2 days, one said bigger, one said smaller.

    Are you going to put it in a nice box John?

  • Someone thought the PSE would be bigger than it is? heh.

    Nice box... eventually. After I come up with the perfect headphone amp to go with it (tubes of course). And assuming I like it.

    Still haven't done anything tho. Too many other headaches atm. Bleah. Will you be at Terry's this year?

  • I'm going with the default setting of "yes" to Bathurst at the moment although I haven't officially sorted out what is happening around that time, what Merrilyn is doing etc.

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