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I think I need a NAS?

So, rather than have my PC turned on all the time to stream from my USB external HDD

Is it true, if I buy a wireless portable HDD, I can get it to talk to my wireless router, THEN I can stream via the router without having the PC on!?

Phuck I hope so!

Remember, I dunno nuthin' 'bout nuthin' when it comes to this stuff.

I'm still spun out about fax machines. ;)


  • A NAS is a great idea. A wireless portable HD is a terrible idea. (Sorry.) In fact, anything of the likes you will find in office works for a couple hundred is a bad idea (sorry again). A decent NAS is something like Synology, they have models that will hold just a single 3.5" drive and aren't "that" expensive.

    With that said, I'd first check whether your router has a USB port on it that understands hard drives. Many do. If so, you might be able to solve the problem for cheap.

  • Hi John

    Router HAS a USB port. Dunno if it recognises A HDD.

    Model TG797n v3

    I accept your offer of "terrible ideas".

    But WHY are they so?

    I gots ta know!

    Otherwise I don't learn.

  • edited August 2015

    According to the manual (http://mrserge.lv/assets/TG789vnv3UserManual.pdf), it does. Put a couple of music files on a USB stick, plug it in and see if you can find it on the network. No idea what Windows does but it might show up on the computer as a network share. It's also supposed to run a UPnP server so you might be able to see it from a TV. If you need to read the manual it starts on Page 69.

    OK, wireless is not all that reliable for streaming music. It would be better to not introduce more wireless hops than you have to. You might want to have the playing device wireless. But getting a hard drive that can only be wireless is "a terrible idea" (in my opinion) :D

    The other thing is I'm cranky and biased. I've mostly had bad experiences with the grade of network storage you will find at Officeworks. OK that was a few years ago and they might be better now. But I doubt it.

    Plugging a drive into the router is in that class but it's free and you already have it, so you may as well try it ;)

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