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I was considering buying an LX100 to shoot video. But I decided in the end that I didn't want a fixed lens camera. So I bought a Panasonic GH1 on ebay for 350 delivered with a zoom lens, mic, and extra battery. Well, it's long in the tooth but it's my intro to (I hope) good quality video.

I may ending up switching from Fuji to micro 4/3. I dunno. I'd rather not have two lens systems. I'm thinking I should have kept more of my Nikon lenses, as at least then all you need is an adapter for each camera.

Getting good wide angle on MFT seems to be a bit of a problem...

It's interesting (isn't it) that for video, we turn to stills cameras.


  • Are getting into the Adult Film industry ? I am the answer to your prayers.....

  • Graham, have you been shooting any video with your LX100? It's supposed to be very good at it.

  • G'day John

    So I beleive, but I wouldn't even know how.

    I blame Panasonic, not supplying a handbook any more :)

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    Here's the powerpoint version:



  • You know, I think you made a good decision with that LX100. I've been looking at lenses today and getting a fast lens to cover that same range is ... basically impossible. There isn't one.

    Why fast lens? To reduce ISO, in order to reduce noise. While noise in a still photo is one thing, in a video I find it very distracting (because it moves).

    So, you can get "professional" f/2.8 zooms at a price (i.e the lens for the same price as the LX100.) You can get primes that are faster, but not down to 24mm equiv.

    At higher focal lengths, it's no problem. Just use an adapter for a Nikon (or whatever) lens. But wide angle, with MFT 2x crop factor? No dice :(

    The LX100 seems to have some limitations with its video. And the screen doesn't rotate. But it's a pretty well rounded package. (Nigel no "package" jokes.)

  • Hi John

    Dunno 'bout video, but I am very happy with the lens, particularly at low light.

    I'm not a fan of FLASH photos that I take

  • Nigel no flashing jokes.

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