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FS: Bosch GOP 300 multitool

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Unless something doesn't work out in the next couple of days, I'll have this multitool for sale. Got the cordless version :) If anyone here is interested, let me know and I can hopefully work out a great price. No case or blades - just the tool. Also the insert tray if you want it.


  • Hi John,
    I am interested in this one !! Does it include the accessories set ?

  • G'day Paul

    You can buy great accessory sets from tool stores.

    I have the green Bosch corded version. Great product, but a bit noisy.

    Putya ear plugs in %-(

  • I don't think I can include any blades or pads :( I'll have a look at what I have though. I get them on ebay. But amazon might actually be cheaper.

  • edited July 2015

    Actually I have more (unused) blades than I thought. I thought they were all used up. I'll try and put together a kit then.

  • Hey John - thanks - I have used this tool for several different jobs - that I couldn't have done any other way (at least not easily) - very happy renovator !!

  • Hi Paul, cool :D

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