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New Runabout

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Had the R for a month so far . Easy car to drive plenty of power on tap ,more refined than the Mk6 GTi .




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    OK - for the dumbos (i.e. me) , it is a.... [fill in blank]


  • maybe a golf buggy ?

  • Decepticon?

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    It's a MK7 VW Golf R...

    ...a shining example of budget minded middle aged tomfoolery

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    'Retired hairdresser with a flacid penis' car

    Get one of these enviro-destruction machines under your scrotum

    2 tonnes

    6.4 litre Hemi V8

    347kW power, 631Nm Torque

    5 metres long, 2 metres wide

    A disgusting Power to Weight Ratio of 178.3 (W/kg)

    13 litres per 100km, on a good day. Up to 20 litres per 100 km.

    Animals died to provide the interior for this car

  • I will own one in less than 2 weeks :D

    I'm such a heathen :-b =D> :)

  • :O X_X

  • Doing burnouts in a carpark near you! :x B-) :D

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    You are driving from Melbourne to Yarbabooga at 20l/100k?

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    No John, pay attention.

    I am driving from Melbourne to 2Dog's kennel in the BMW coupe

    Then I am driving from the kennel to "middle o' bum phuck nowhere" in Queensland in the coupe

    Then, I will changeover the coupe for the 'Slavo'.

    "Touch it, and I'll kill ya."

    Coz "too much tyre smoke is never enough"

  • shoulda bought a van then...

  • Shoulda, coulda, wouda, buddha

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    In July the car gets a Modesta P-01A & BC-05 coating ,its a 3 day process . http://www.modesta.co/

    Maybe a set of Rotiform's as well .

    Might even gt the GTi done as well ,make the wife happy .


  • what's that cost Mal?

  • Twodogs said: what's that cost Mal?

    Including the outside/inside of the wheels and exhaust tips $1200.


  • Certainly looks good and cheaper than I expected. Is there a quick fix for chips/scratches ?

  • The only way to fix chips is sandback or fill & paint . If you go with the Opti-Coat Pro its $400 cheaper . I'm going this way due to having a carport and to slack to polish or wax quarterly :)

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