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Lockup Your Labradors - Happypants is Coming to Town - Sunday July 5

The final stage in Graham's seachange begins on July 3rd when he says goodbye to workmates and packs up for the drive to Sunshine Coast of Qld.
Graham will be stopping over in Sydney, arriving at my place probably not before 6pm on Sunday night July 5 and would love to catch up with you. Being a Sunday night, I thought we could start a bit earlier say mid arvo 3:30ish.
Aiming to get the BBQ fired up for eating, around 7pm.
If you haven't been to my place and would like to come, then let me know and I'll send you my address.



  • Well done for putting this shindig on Nige

    It's a tree-change, not a sea-change

    Your 3:30 early openers will give you quite a head start on me, but I have lots of practice in catching up :)

    Will there be a 'burning hat' ceremony or a DBT on inter-connects ie polished copper in dialetric versus 4-inch nails in garden hose?

    My money's on the 4-inch nails ;)

  • Damn, I always assumed they were 6" !! That is disappointing.

  • If he's arriving that late, then clearly he's not very thirsty !!

    At this stage, I'm in.

  • Have fun guys :-b

  • We in. (2)

    Yes, thank you Nigel.

  • PS. Just let us know what to bring. Other than heat.

  • Looks like we is havin' a shindig :-b

    According to the interweb, it's 9 hours driving, so I reckon a 6:00pm arrival might be reasonably accurate.

    I do have to stop & piss! X_X

  • So far it looks like JohnR & Gopi, Scuzzii, Paul47, Russell, Me and the Mexican.

  • Russell just ping'd me , he won't arrive back from WA until late Sun night so there will be an extra dogturd sanger.

  • We had a work drink on Sunday, for me leaving.

    I'm not as young as I used to be. X_X

    The first time in my life I've had to take a day off work due to drinking the day before. [-X

    I may be taking it easy on Sunday. :-O

    My body still shudders at the thought of alcohol, and coffee. :-S

  • "The Hair of the Dog" - didn't get an honourable mention at the Nobel Prize for nothing.

  • Nigel, hot choccies only for Graham.

  • BTW did you need us to bring anything? I was thinking perhaps this:

  • Is that a graphic equaliser ?

  • No, it's a HEATer.

  • Graham, are you travelling solo or with Jack ? (or any other children that have knocked on your door). Just thinking of phood and beds etc.

  • I'll be driving solo, with an extensive CD collection

  • Last day today, Graham, how long have you been working there?
    Sad to go ?? Hopefully you go out after work and have a few liquid farewells.

  • Gopi's out, she forgot she has to fly on Monday.

    Happy last day of work Graham :-b :notworthy:

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