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FS: Nexus 7

edited June 2015 in Buy, Sell, Trade

I had a great time last night setting up a Nexus 7. However, I have another one, unused, which I now need to sell. Long story short, Gopi decided she likes my iPad better (now it's "our" iPad).

It's brand new, I opened the box and charged it but it's still in the plastic wrapping. The charger will have a US plug on it but I'll include an adapter.

It's a 16 GB model, Wifi only, Gen 2. As I recall (not at home right now) date of manufacture was Dec 2014.

For members of AF only: $190 delivered.


  • Oooo that's a fine price. I/We don't really 'need' another one but I'll ask the Minister for War and Trade what she reckons...

  • Cool. I just checked the box and it does say "Made In China Date 2014.12"

    Android is a lot more fun than iOS! Didn't get into it much when I had an Android phone for a short time (borrowed from Gopi) but the Nexus 7 screen makes all the difference. I guess also the latest version of Android.

  • I find my own Nexus 7 an easy enough thing to play with...and there's no paying the Apple Tax.

    On consideration...we really don't need another tablet!!

  • No worries :)

  • Er, sold.

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