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To Andrew Aslan

Andrew, are you still around ??? Hope you are well and causing havoc. Just wanted to say, I found Dark Side of the Moon which I remember you recommending a long time ago. When I saw it in the rack, I bought it and you're right, very nice. Thanks ps. next time you're in Syd drop by, my stats are now modified and integrated with a decent bottom end and no relation to what you heard all those years ago.


  • He just posted on SNA

  • Hi Twodogs, I'm rarely on any hifi forum these days - just checked in here because I am bored shitless and the weather is crap ;) Funnily enough I was up in NSW from 14 May to 28 May to visit family and do a couple of photoshoots. I only manage to get up that way once a year during the off tourist season.

    DSOTM is still one of my favourite reds. If you can get it Abels Tempest Pinot Noir from Tassie is also a sweet drop :)

  • Hey Andrew!

  • G'day John! Not having anything to do with audio these days, too busy working in tourism and generally enjoying myself.

  • Good to hear!

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