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The price of beer (and coffee)

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I'm going to say something you are going to hate (me for).

Did you know that if you drink two beers a day, say, and those beers cost $3 each, over a year that works out to over $2000?

By not drinking beer (mostly), that means I now have $2000 a year extra to spend on audio gear. Like really nice headphones, for example :D

And that's just two beers. Scary, isn't it?

Don't get me wrong, I like drinking beer. It's just not that important to me.

So the other day, I was sitting in a cafe drinking my second coffee for the day (usually a cappucino). And I think, OK, that's nearly $8 today in coffee that I could have made at home for a dollar. Wow, think of all the neat audio gear I can buy now (if I stop doing that)!


  • I feel like I'm being suckered in...if this was QI and I said "quality of life", then the horn would blow for saying the obvious misconception. So, on the other hand, if people no longer needed to meet at the local cafe or to get shitfaced on beer, then they wouldn't need all that salary! There is a limit to the amount of audio equip you can/should buy without being an obsessed hoarder, whereas there is no clear limit to the amount of beer or coffee.

  • All what salary? :)

  • salary - the price for selling your soul to the devil

  • I hear you John, but drinking coffee in coffee shops does get you out of the house.

    I fear, you could easily become a hermit, who sees the neighbors only when you are behind a curtain.

  • I drink beer and coffee. And wine. And I haven't bought any audio gear for quite some time [due to ongoing personal satisfaction]. Which means I can afford more beer, wine and coffee. And bicycle stuff. And teeth (this week anyway).

    But I typically pay less than $2/bottle for beer and $27/kg for my coffee beans...and $160 for a box of wine...small price to pay for quality of life.

  • Seano - good news about getting some teeth this week. You'll be back on solids again.

  • GeeEmm said: I hear you John, but drinking coffee in coffee shops does get you out of the house.

    That is very true. One could well view the price of a coffee (or two, or...) as cheap rent for an alternate office.

    And that is my excuse... until it folds.

    Now, about that coffee shop you are starting in a place with warm temperate climate... and no cyclones?

  • Yes, the good lady wife has been researching many a business for sale

    There is one in particular that has our current interest

  • I think we could save 4K a year on coffee. I get txt from Gill asking me to do a coffee run to her work .

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