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GTG at Raymond Terrace tomorrow

Aechmea is demo'ing his DEQX controlled Magneplanar bohemoths at Peter Franklin's place.
See you there !!


  • And jolly bohemoths they were too!

    Pete gave me a couple of broms to take home. Here they are.


  • Excellent spot for the 2 broms. They should do well there - inconsequential soil and light shade.

  • I hope the attendees had a nice time. It is always interesting and fun.

    Interesting that everyone? thought the DEQX profiles with more bass were preferable. Maybe its just that I am going thru a 'delicate' period haha that I am preferring a lighter style. The great advantage of the DEQX is that you can set-up, within reason, a preferred sound without having to change speakers and cables and sources and ….. whatevers.

    A PS-Audio Directstream DAC was doing the analogue to the main speakers (bypassing the DEQX's DAC) but it's gain is only just enough. Several listeners ran into the full volume limit without it being ridiculously loud.

  • Thanks Peter - I really enjoyed the afternoon, and learnt quite a lot., mainly about maggies, deqx & room treatment !! Also how to store a wine collection way beyond anything I will achieve. Again thanks, and I look forward to the opportunity to return the invitation some day soon.

  • Hi Peter, they look fine today. We will see how they go!

    I was surprised that on one track I had the DEQX volume maxed out but on the next it was plenty loud and I had to jump for the down button. Could be a mastering thing?

  • Yes - it's a bit of a drawback. The PS-Audio dac puts out less voltage than the DEQX did when it was doing the analogue conversion. The specs read as though the set-up should be OK. 5v balanced output into 2v (single-ended?) input sensitivity of the power amps. But I run the DEQX at close to full volume (about -6dB) and the PS_Audio at 100%. Which is all pretty close to full volume. Obviously the DEQX was putting out a rather higher voltage.

    The difference that you heard was the recorded level of an 'old' CD, which tend to be recorded at a lower level and a 'new' CD which will almost certainly be compressed close to 0dBFS.

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