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Project Sunrise

edited April 2015 in Audio Projects

Time for a new project I might finish. Been looking for a nice tube amp for headphones that will drive 50 ohms. The stuff I was experimenting with before was OK for Senns but not for Hifiman....

Decided to build one of these


However he was kind enough to sell me the kit without the chassis and misc parts. Because I'm going to put it in a chassis with a DAC. No sense in keeping things simple eh.

More when it arrives.


  • I use NC headphones on plane trips, and now bus shuttle trips.

    Dunno how I got on without them prior...

    But, I'm not a headphone man. But I did really like some PSB headphones.

  • I used headphones all the time now. Gopi doesn't like noise when she's working. And the time we do make noise is watching TV/movies, so I'm actually looking at upgrading that instead of the stereo.... (which isn't even functioning at present).

  • I thought your next project was getting a Ducati running after years of imprisonment.

  • Hah hah. No that project is to sell it.

  • Have you got a battery charger, chances are you need a new battery as a starter. Then the fuel tank and carbies - are they full of sludge. Probably need to be flushed out. Then if the oil looks ok, hit the schtarter button and who knows the people on Scotland Island will be complaining about the noise, coming from the termite house again. "If it's not loud music, it's his bloody motabike !!"

  • I wonder if I can get a battery and charger on amazon.

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