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Huge ant

edited March 2015 in Other Pastimes

I found a huge ant on the wall of the stairwell yesterday. Maybe 35mm from tail to tip of mandibles. I've killed a few bullant nests the last few years, but never seen anything this big. It seemed pretty calm and I went and got a jar to put it in... then it freaking jumped onto the stairs. If this thing bites, it's going to hurt.

The fact that it was in the house is a bit of a worry as well...

So now it's living in a jar (i.e. it's not dead yet). I'm wondering if I should wait until it's dead before I try and photograph it. Don't much fancy it jumping onto the camera lens...


  • Bites at one end...which does hurt I can assure you but it is the sting from the syringe in its arse that is really special in a not very wonderful kind of way...

  • Ah! I believe you're right.... I'll try to avoid that end too....

    Gopi says that the nest outside the kitchen (which I haven't found yet) aren't this big.

    I'm not really looking forward to finding the rest of them.

  • You wait until it's big brother comes looking for revenge in the middle of the night as it walks across your pillow, step by step, inch by inch.... glad it's you and not me.

  • One word


    Two words

    Ant poison

    Three words

    Strong ant poison

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