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Womad 2015

...is really quite fine! I'm actually listening to Icelandic pop by Solely at the moment. Sp far we have had a mad mix of Korean post rock, Spanish folk rock, brass band with hip hop and some of blues dude called Charlie Musselwhite... More to come too


  • Korean post rock?

    But I want to say thank goodness you posted Seano.

  • edited March 2015

    Today it's the Malawi Mouse Boys, The Gloaming, Youssou N'Dour and who knows. First off is an attempt to get into an inflatable mood sculpture that's bigger than my house...

    Pick of yesterday was Toumani and Sidiki Diabate; and the Balcan Beat Box.

  • Thanks Sean, keep it coming. I think I have some of these - I must have a listen to them.

  • I'll leave this here for you from last night http://publicservicebroadcasting.net

    Youssou was a treat with a cameo from Neneh Cherry. Fanfare Ciocarlia was a hilarious slab of Romanian party gypsy.

    Currently sampling Emma Donovan and The Outbacks....smooth soul blues.

  • Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino makes music you might like...

  • Final two gigs were Neneh Cherry and Sinead O'Connor. Both made hits twenty years ago. Both are back making music. Neneh has gone trip hop while Sinead has gone rock. Both are still very entertaining but Sinead remains thoroughly uncompromising...and by Huey can she sing.

    Over all a good year this one. A few new CDs for the collection and some good musical memories.

  • Oh and the Korean post rock was courtesy of Jambinai and was something else. I picked up their CD and will give some feedback when I get a chance to hear it.

    Currently on KI having a nice time...

  • Living the life, eh Sean !

  • 'Kin oath...KI is awful. No one should ever come here...

  • KI just read an article on KI saying it is unspoilt and beautiful. Did you tread on a snake ?

  • Unspoilt, my arse! Kangaroo Island (KI) is cleared for the greater part and it is well decorated with holiday houses and farms. However, it remains beautiful along much of its coastline and for large chunks in the west and south...

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