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Anyone Know about LCD TV solarisation

I think my tv is suffering from this. Seems there are 2 boards which may be the problem and both are replaceable. Trouble is that T-Con boards are about $50 online and the more likely main board is $200 - $300, IF you can get one for a 10yr old LCD. So before I buy a main board I would like to be confident that the fault is the main board. Alternatively $400 gets me a new, cheap tv. I was happy with my Toshiba 42" until the solarisation happened one night.


  • That could cost $350 and no guarantee you will fix it. I think I'd just get a new one... might be able to find a used one locally on gumtree or ebay from someone upgrading

  • What is solarisation?

  • google would be much quicker than me trying to describe it, but it's something to do with the sun

  • I think it's where you have to wear sunglasses indoors.

  • GeeEmm said: What is solarisation?

    This is...

  • Aha

    So that's what was happening to my brain all those years ago...

  • Well said, Seano - couldn't have put it better myself. From my googling, this is more likely to be main board problem than T-conn. The tv is around 10 yrs old (which I believe is the lifespan of an LCD) and the parts may be unavailable. Still it costs nothing to take the cover off and get the board numbers.

  • Twodogs said: Still it costs nothing to take the cover off and get the board numbers.

    And it's fun too!

    (Putting it back together - not so much ;) )

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