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Any car mechanics here ?

anyone ever tried to bleed their clutch and struggled ? I googled it up before I started and was surprised to read that people struggled with it. ANyway had a go and sure enough, there is a significant problem that took some thinking required to solve. Took me 2 mins and my back is sore from patting myself on the back. There is a flash WIKI article with amazing illustrations on how to bleed a clutch line/slave cylinder , and it is 100% wrong. The answer is so simple too.....


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    I am struggling to think it is difficult to bleed a clutch, unless you drive an automatic...

  • I've bled my clutch and come out triumphant. Not lately tho. And maybe that was on a motorbike.

  • Did it years ago...don't recall it being particularly tricky. Did you only do the master cylinder or did you do master and slave?

  • It was at the slave (There is no bleed at the master) and the problem encountered is almost certain if you use the trad brake bleed method.

  • What problem is that - banging your head on the undercarriage when the phone rings? :D

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