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Ideal Aussie Subs

Hey guys, does anybody have any thoughts on good subs that can be purchased in Australia?

What do you think you need to look at/ consider with subs? I was kinda thinking you'd like 90dB or better sensitivity, -3dB at least in the 20's, a box that is say less than 3 cubes (for a 12inch sub)(4 may be for a 15(?)), less than say $250 each? Should you avoid pressed frames, or are there good ones of them?

Are these a good/ bad/ unreasonable list of wants?

Where can you get good home subs in Australia? I have looked at loudspeaker kit, jaycar, Altronics, WES and most seem to fall short! ( I did find an interesting Focal 12" on their website, but not sure if car subs have other issues, or where you could even buy one(?)).

Any thoughts guys? Ta, Todd

Also, Merry Christmas! :D



  • $250?? Sealed or ported?

  • surely you would never get into the 20's with sealed?

  • edited December 2014

    Depends on how you look at it, I suppose. Even ported, I think you'll most likely need to relax some of your criteria....

  • Well, that is the question too :)

  • Dan Archer no longer has subs, audiomarketplace closed a while back, soundlabsgroup don't have anything that qualifies. There's suppliers for the pro market, 18sounds have a dist in QLD I think and there's places like Cannon Audio.

    I have a couple of 12" you can have if you want. I think they were probably car subs and I don't know what the parameters are.

    If LSK is too pricy then importing direct from PE will probably get a lower price esp if you buy say 4 12's. Risk is having to return if any have a problem. You could try modeling some of the AESpeakers subs to see if any suit as they are known for high sensitivity but you're looking at probably close to double your price landed.

    So having said all that, I think what I'd probably do based on your criteria is look through the pro sound stuff and see if any of the larger drivers meet your needs. You will probably be looking at larger boxes though.

  • Alpine SWR12D4 sub drivers ;)

  • Actually not that bad - 5 cu ft will give f3 of 25 Hz. If I worked it out right...

  • Hah hah I didn't think that seemed right. Try 12 cu ft instead.

  • So then there's tapped horns. Cue Mal and Paul...

  • MALfunction said: Alpine SWR12D4 sub drivers ;)

    Oh there you are! Where do you buy those?

  • If size isn't an issue ,Alpine in a TH 20hz to 60hz @ 93db for 1 watt . Power required 500watts . Or you could build a sealed dual opposed sub , I'm not sure if Roger has had his up and running yet ? On AVS & Diyaudio theres a few projects using Alpines .

    I bought mine through an OEM supplier ,do you want me to find out if we can get a couple more ?

  • Not for me :) I have subs coming out of my ears. Someone told me they were a good alternative to Apple stock. And Santa Claus just delivered more. Oh wait... Santa shrunk my new subs. Drats.

    Don't know if Todd's interested though :)

  • Hey Mal, at $400 a driver, I will continue looking, thanks for the offer though :) And yeah John, 12 cubes is a biiiiiiiiiig box! :D

  • Don't you have a spare room? Use that as the box :-P

  • My Alpines cost me $120 each :D

  • hahaha, yeah, my spare room is full of audio crap already :) Wow! that's an awesome price, how did you manage that?? (if you don't mind me asking)

  • He bought them from an OEM supplier.

  • He sold his ass.

    That's how he he threw his back out! :-O X_X ;)

  • Is Mal a rent-boy ?

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