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Torpedo sub (idea)

Hm, wonder how well this would work (bendy ply?)



  • As with just about every invention/development since 1412, man (that's you John) has never known for sure what will happen when they have an idea. Hence the number of first failures and the existence of prototyping. Modern modelling programs contain many man-years of experience and sometimes cover all variables to deliver an accurate prediction. In the examples above, my minuscule and damaged brain only sees no output to the left due to the isobaric operation of the 2 drivers, and no output to the right due to classic dipole cancellation...but what would I know, other than I'm going to ride my motorbike to work today for a change and hopefully the school hols will mean Sydney is at its best traffic-wise. Love Sydney when everyone leaves.

  • John, there is really only one way to find out.

    But, you already knew that. ;)

  • Making the boxes is one thing...relatively easy and mostly within my skill set.

    Making them work as subs is quite another...and well outside my skill set unless someone provides the instructions. And does all the prototyping. John.

    As for the motorbike...I like to the look of the new Ducati Scrambler. But if I lived in Sydney then I wouldn't bother with anything more than a Cabcharge card and a public transport ticket. And probably some Bluetoothed sub-sats from JB HiFi. Boring, yes but it all suits Sydney to a T.

  • hmmm.. should work, could flex pretty bad though(?)

  • Well, it will have bracing :)

    Nigel, output to left and side, nulls to top and bottom (per picture). In other words, you have to "point it at you" :D

    I thought it might be more interesting than a rectangle.

    Problem is resonance, and also the "closing" of the opening. And not knowing how to use bendy ply. I'm thinking before I worry about the bendy ply though I should prototype a generic middle module carrying the subs and then make the side bits in the different sizes to measure them.

  • Seano, cool little bike.

    Know anyone that wants a 900SS for parts? (Can't be registered)

  • Know anyone that wants a 900SS for parts? (Can't be registered)

    You usedto ride a 900SS?

    Somehow, I just can't figure it...

    I thought you woulda been a scooter guy fer sure! :-b

  • Eww. I would never go near a scooter.


  • To John, huh? point one of the side gaps to you ?? As I see it, neither gap has sound emanating. Or are you saying the sound comes from the ply, so you point the wooden facia at you. Maybe that would work ..??

    Sorry for not getting it ....

  • Top driver goes down, bottom driver goes up. Air gets blown out the left, sucked in the right. Reverse, repeat :)

  • oh I thought they were in phase, which made no sense - so obviously 180o MUST be the config. Doh! splains everything

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